Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ampare Operating System is about to launch in Thai Market Soon

Ampare Internet OS - Defa Desktop Environment

Ampare Operating System as called as Ampare OS or many people said it , " Defa OS ".

Ampare OS is about to launch it operating system in Thailand Market , Preinstalled with the PC . Manufactured From China and Many Other Country as Ampare Engine are in Partner with.

Ampare OS have many different version but we are going to cover it up in summary.

There are

Ampare Internet OS , It has 2 version , Internet Only and Internet OS  . Not too be confuse with and make it easy to explain.

Ampare Internet Only is just a Defa Desktop Environment with Firefox and Session of Google Chrome and Firefox Only. Ampare Internet Only is create for e-learning , learning video hub and internet cafe that allow the system to browse the internet only on low spec requirement.

Defa Desktop Environment use only 7 Mb of Resources but in reality , we have to consider the memory usage of other application open such as Firefox.

On the other hand , Ampare Internet OS is a XFCE Desktop Environment with Internet Only OS. So , It was completed set of Desktop . Focus on Lightweight and Internet and can be replace full desktop .

It also come with Plank , The Mac OSX Like Bar.

So  , Let us talk about different version of Ampare OS.

The Ampare OS AIO ( All in One )

Ampare OS All in One is based on more up to date and rock solid system more than Ampare Internet OS , it comes All in One Pack meaning that It come with many great picked free software and many desktop environment such as Budgie , Gnome 3 , Defa Desktop Environment and more.

Ampare OS AIO is very modern and very fun to use. You can feel at start that it was a lot great design and animation that make you feel like playing graphic games all the time while using your pc.

It was a really amazing and fun experienced.

It even use the more up to date software than Ubuntu 16.04 LTS ( 25/6/2016 ).

That is all for now . However , We will give you more upcoming news and information about this Operating System and Linux Distro soon.