Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ampare Any OS Software Package Released

There are a growing of user on Linux and Mac OS ( OSX ) not just Windows , So I ( Juthawong Naisanguansee ) decide to create and port many of my useful software to another programming language to make it works with OSX and Linux and include Windows as much as possible.

Ampare Engine 2015 Logo

Let us begin our topic

Ampare Engine began releasing Any OS  type software which promote as One Programs , Any OS.

The Focus of Any OS is Windows , Mac and Linux although there is also some OS that support Any OS Software but it isn't the main focus of Any OS Product Brand.

Is there any Ampare Engine Any OS Product before Any OS ?

Yes , There are 2 already release Any OS Like Product such as Ampare PDF Speech Reader Java ( For Education , Student and Company ) and also with Ampare File Locker ( For Military and Government ) which are works with Windows , Mac , Linux but isn't include in Any OS Product Brand today.

Which Software and in Ampare Any OS Product ?

Well , Usually Software that are in Ampare Any OS Product Brand are name starting with Ampare Any OS such as Ampare Any OS Set Time Open File and Ampare Any OS Set Time Shutdown which is now available for download. You can download Ampare Set Time Open File and Ampare Set Time Shutdown by click one of these 2 images below

Friday, November 6, 2015

Send File As Text - A new way of Anonymous File Sharing without Server

Hi You guys, Ampare Engine have create a new technology for you guys. it is a software service that use for file sharing that doesn't need to store any files on server.

It convert to text and these text can later convert back to files.

The advantages of the text is , It can store anywhere in the world. Any Website or even comment. As Long as Text stay completely . No data loss forever!!.

This is a world changing technology and these file sharing are completely anonymous. No Logging . Complete of Full Privacy. No one can access your files without permission of your code. Unlike a normal file sharing service that admin can access , read or delete any files they want.

Want to try :

Use it now it is free !!:

Send File As Text