Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ampare Engine, Linking Data Between Multiple Communication Server By Defa

Hi Everyone , Especially for Our Developer Blog Reader,

We just make an exciting technology to link multiple server together in real time . No need of additional hardware , router or any network stuff. This Script is Written in PHP  ( PHP Hypertext Processor ) Language. So in our example of our latest technology.

There is a specification from Interpass - Trinity School of English ( E - Learning Extra Class School )

The Data is Linking Between 2 System and 2 Different Server and 2 Different Network Structure.

It sound to be impossible but Ampare Engine made it.

In our example , There is a user who is a member of Xeersoft Enconcept ( Extra Class School ) that Trinity School of English are partner with. These user can login through the normal Trinity Interpass Website which use Wordpress 4.3.1 which data transfer and link from another enconcept server and it automatically store local data on Interpass Wordpress website include information of the course , grading and homework score as a progress through the course and certificate.

So Let us watch the video real quick.

We don't mean to hack the bank

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