Monday, October 26, 2015

Increase Internet Speed By Changing MTU Size

How Fragmentation does ?

It sending a request to the destination and if the destination said it is too large . It will reply back to your router and then your router fragment a packets such as My mtu is : 1400 bytes but I'm sending at 2000 bytes. It will fragmented by a byte range 0 - 1400 and 1400 - 2000 which can cause a delay time which slow down your internet connection. This setting and how to find out MTU Size can be increase your internet speed.

Simple Hack To Reinstall Ubuntu Server with One Single Commands.

Hi Everyone , I just found out some simple command that works to reinstall ubuntu server with single command

The Story Begins. My Server is install for a 2 years old and It began to slow since the last upgrade from Ubuntu 13.10 to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS . So , I decide to reinstall but flushing out the server, Reinstall or Erase Data may not good because it store important data for the Ampare Engine Customer. More than a 100,000 Data has post on this server. So I decide to find a best solution and way to reinstall ubuntu server without a loss of data and it should be fast as new server again.

I found this out the internet from this blog post :

On Unixmen Post

and Here is some short video to show to you guys. It a very short re- installation.

P.s. It may not work for some Highly Damage Ubuntu Server.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ampare Auto Replacer Officially Released with Official Site

Ampare Auto Replacer or Ampare Auto Replace Professional has released on Ampare Engine Channel.

You can further read blog from Ampare Engine Post here

Ampare Auto Replacer is a simple to use software that can convenient replace text in multiple files at once with a single click and with a blink of eye. Ampare Auto Replacer is a software that can be widely use in any market.

It was very useful for PHP Development or Front End Web Developer, Bootstrap which sometime in case want to replace specific text in multiples file such as link url change or Server API Move . Just a simple click can change all those 50 files in second.

Watch our first video showoff here

Download Now :

Visit Ampare Auto Replacer Official Site, :

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Ampare Auto Replacer will released this week.

Hi Everyone , It is time for our new easy to use software that make your life easier.

Ampare Auto Replacer will released this month for Ampare Engine Official Channel and Partner Channel.

You may heard the news that Ampare Auto Replacer already finish beta testing since last month. However, Ampare Engine include Juthawong Naisanguansee have conference with partner company and desire the market before released.

Some of Ampare Engine Releasing Plan has been change from last couples month but it is some kind of better.

For more information , You can visit Ampare Engine Site -

Ampare Engine, Linking Data Between Multiple Communication Server By Defa

Hi Everyone , Especially for Our Developer Blog Reader,

We just make an exciting technology to link multiple server together in real time . No need of additional hardware , router or any network stuff. This Script is Written in PHP  ( PHP Hypertext Processor ) Language. So in our example of our latest technology.

There is a specification from Interpass - Trinity School of English ( E - Learning Extra Class School )

The Data is Linking Between 2 System and 2 Different Server and 2 Different Network Structure.

It sound to be impossible but Ampare Engine made it.

In our example , There is a user who is a member of Xeersoft Enconcept ( Extra Class School ) that Trinity School of English are partner with. These user can login through the normal Trinity Interpass Website which use Wordpress 4.3.1 which data transfer and link from another enconcept server and it automatically store local data on Interpass Wordpress website include information of the course , grading and homework score as a progress through the course and certificate.

So Let us watch the video real quick.

We don't mean to hack the bank

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